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Popular blog

If you are a blogger, might know the importance of continuous learning and motivation in this journey. That’s why I am going to discuss 5 popular blogs, which may help you to get great learning, Inspiration, and motivation.

Some of them have started their blogging journey from the scratch and have faced a lot of ups and downs. And even after that also they are having great success. Now they are a good and successful example for a lot of newbies.

A few names like Harsh Agrawal and Amit Agarwal are an example for us that blogging is possible. And even there is a lot of earning possible from blogging.

But success is not possible overnight. You need to work in the right direction with patience. You have put in a lot of effort with consistency and maintain a high level of self-motivation as well.

List of 5 Popular Blogs

in this article, I am writing about only 5 popular blogs. I also like these blogs and follow them. Apart from these, there are many other famous blogs also available. And you can follow them also.

Your motive should always be to learn as much as possible and follow the right direction. Because if your direction is not right, your efforts and time may be wasted.

By following these below five blogs, you will get a lot of knowledge, motivation, and inspiration.

1- Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Journal – One of the most popular

Search Engine Journal (SEJ) was launched in 2003. This is one of the best blogs to educate and empower.

There are a lot of articles on SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media, and other content available on it. By reading them you can get really a piece of good and practical knowledge.

Because articles available on this platform are good and written by knowledgeable people. I have noticed one more important thing on this site, and that is the availability of fresh content related to content marketing, SEO, Google search, etc.

I visit this blog on regular basis and I have learned a lot from this site.


2- Labnol By Amit Agarwal

Labnol - popular blogs
Labnol By Amit Agarwal

As a blogger, you might be aware of this name. Amit Agarwal is India’s first professional blogger. He started his blogging journey from the scratch. By education, he is an engineer in computer science from IIT.

He started his blogging journey from the scratch and even he didn’t have any experience with blogging.

Amit Agarwal proved by his awesome writing and dedication that blogging is possible. And he set an example for many people. Labnol is one of his famous and most popular blogs among bloggers and many other people.

Labnol was launched by Amit Agarwal in 2004. At that time, there was nothing like blogging in India. He started his journey by writing an article. And with determination, passion, and good hard work he got success.

Currently, Labnol has more than 4 Million monthly visits. And most of the traffic comes from the search.


3- WPBeginner

WPBeginner – the best blog for WordPress users

WPBeginner was started in 2009. It is a free WordPress resource site and one of the best sites for beginners. If you are a WordPress user, then this site may be very beneficial. Because there is a lot of content related to WordPress available on this site.

And you can learn a lot about WordPress. There are so many articles available on this site that are problem-solving for WordPress users.

All the articles are written simply and are easy to read. And it is in favor of beginners. There are a lot of articles available on problems that most WordPress users may face in the beginning.

The main goal of WPBeginner is to provide tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress resources. I also learned so many things related to WordPress in the beginning stage of using WordPress.


4- ShoutMeLoud

Shoutmeloud-Popular blogs
ShoutMeLoud By Harsh Agrawal

ShoutMeLoud was started by harsh Agrawal in 2009. But he started his blogging journey in 2008. Initially, he was writing for fun and he was using the BlogSpot platform.

And after a few months of writing, he started getting appreciation from the people. A few months later, he purchased a domain and hosting. And migrated his blog to WordPress.

Harsh, always appreciated, and recommend WordPress for blogging. He recommends a self-hosted platform. He has seen a lot of ups and downs in his blogging journey.

The success of Harsh Agrawal and ShoultMeLoud is not due to any miracle. He got this success because of:

  • Strong Determination.
  • Being Self-disciplined.
  • Hard Work and Smart Work.
  • So much learning
  • Having a lot of Patience and Passion.
  • And most important, he was consistent in his professional blogging career.

Today, Harsh is a famous name in India and inspires a lot of beginners. If you want to learn Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Etc, ShoutMeLoud is one the best place.


5- Feedly

You may follow Feedly

Feedly was launched in 2008. A few months ago I was not aware of it but when I started using it, I got it very useful. Basically, you can download the Feedly application and use it very easily. However, you can use it on your desktop also.

Feedly is basically an aggregator site and provides content from many other available resources. This means you can read a lot of content from many resources on a single platform.

There are multiple categories available and you can explore the field of your choice. Mostly I read content related to Blogging, WordPress, Security, SEO, etc on Feedly.

This is one of the best platforms for bloggers to learn and get updated.



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