5 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers – For Beginners

Best affiliate program

If you are a blogger or starting a new blog, you should be aware of the best affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is one of the best and proven ways to earn a good income. Especially, if you own a blog or website, it may be a good income source for you.

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But the question is how to find the suitable and best affiliate programs. In my opinion, an affiliate platform should have at least the following things:

  • It should be simple and easy. Unnecessary complexities may consume more time and create unnecessary confusion.
  • Good and quality Products range
  • Commission payment should be on time.
  • The support system should be good. In case of any problem or query, there should be someone from your affiliate company, who can listen and resolve your problems.
  • Good ads banners and learning materials.

There may be many other points that you can include as per your niche and requirement. Every platform may not be best for everyone. An affiliate program may have some pros and cons. It is up to you that you select the suitable and best affiliate program for you.

Here are some point that you must review before joining any affiliate program:

Know Your Affiliates: You should know which company and products, you are going to join and promote. Because it is ultimately connected to your brand value.

If you will promote any bad products or services, it will affect your visitors negatively. And you may lose your reputation and visitor for permanently.

So it is a very important factor that you research well about the affiliate network and its product range.

Selection Of products:

You must be very choosy while promoting the products on your website. Avoid promoting those products or services that you don’t find good for your users.

Know Terms and Conditions: Whenever you join any affiliate program, go through the terms and conditions and understand them properly.

You should not join in a hurry. It is long term relationship and anything can be important for you. So you must be aware of the terms and conditions of the company.

About Commission Details: Read about the commission payment details. What is the payment cycle? What are the payment modes available? Are there any specific conditions for the commission? so on so forth.

Kindly, understand all the facts before joining any affiliate programs.

In this article, I am discussing the 5 best affiliate programs for bloggers, especially for beginners. In this post, I am just giving you only a brief general overview of these affiliate programs.

1- Amazon Associates

amazon associate - best affiliate program
it is amazon affiliate program

It is one of the best and well-established affiliate programs. Amazon associate is one of the most favorite affiliate networks of many bloggers and site owners.

Amazon is available worldwide and you can join it without paying any joining fees. Because it free to join amazon associate. If you want to promote amazon in India only, then you can join it on amazon.in

And if you are the person who wants to promote worldwide then you can go through amazon.com

Amazon has a very wide range of product categories and millions of products to promote and sell. Currently, it provides a commission of up to 10%. percentage of commission is totally depending on the product you promote.

2- Flipkart

Flipkart affiliate
Flipkart affiliate program

Flipkart is India’s leading eCommerce site. It has a very wide range of products and 80+ categories. Flipkart is a very old name in India and establish marketplace.

It provides a commission of up to 18% on every product sold. In some categories, the commission rate is lower for existing customer orders in comparison to new customer orders. You should check it while joining.


3- Theme and Tools Affiliates

themes and Tools Affiliate - Best affiliate program
Theme and tools affiliates

This is very popular among bloggers. You can earn a huge commission by selling WordPress themes, Software, and Tools through affiliate marketing. However, you should promote the products and services which are suitable for your site.

In my opinion, you should select an affiliate network according to your blog niche. If your blog is related to digital marketing, tools, and or technology then you should promote themes, software, and or related tools.

Here are some of the following known brands which you can join for affiliate marketing.

Envato Market


4- Hosting Affiliates

hosting affiliate - best affiliate program
about hosting affiliate program

There are many hosting service provers which are running affiliates program. You can join any good hosting affiliate program. This is one of the highest-paying best affiliate programs.

If you are publishing an article related to hosting and or digital marketing or the internet then it may be most suitable for you.

These are some famous brands which you may consider joining. They are also paying good commissions on each sale.




5- ShareASale

ShareASale - Best Affiliate Program
about ShareASale Affiliate program

ShareASale is a core affiliate marketing network. it is operating since 2000. it means it has experience of 20 years. It is a big name in affiliate marketing.

If you are running a blog or starting one then it may be a good option for you for affiliate marketing. There are more than 15000 merchants associated with ShareASale. It means there are a lot of options of products and services to choose from.

But again, I would like to advise you, that be careful while selecting any product or service to promote on your site.



Joining any best affiliate program is not enough to get success and earn good money. There is a need for continuous efforts and good inputs. So many affiliate programs are available. But select those programs which are best for your readers and you as well.