15 Small Business Ideas For Everyone in India: Let’s Start

small business ideas for everyone
Small Business Ideas

Small business in India has taken huge presence, yet there are a lot of business opportunities available in the market. Especially for those people who want to start a small business or want to make their own startup company.

Because there are a variety of businesses and opportunities available in India that’s why sometimes it becomes confusing for some people to choose the right business for them. And some people really want to start their own but don’t have small business ideas.

In this article, we are covering 15 wonderful small business ideas which can be useful for anyone and everyone. If want to start your business but don’t have where to start and what to start, this article may be very helpful for you.

1- Social Media Manager

In the last few years, social media management has become one of the most demanding business careers. A team of creators like content writers, editors, and video and graphics designers, can easily build a social media management business.

Small, medium, and even large business houses need social media management to boost their business and create brand awareness. As a social media manager, you can help out these businesses and make good money. Here is a list of some people who can be in the need of social media marketing support:

  • Small Businesses Houses
  • Marketing Agencies, Traders
  • Startups
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Influencers, and Creators

You can start the business of social media management with minimal cost. Even initially you just need a laptop, mobile, and internet only. And of course, knowledge and required skills. If you take it seriously, this can be one of the best small business ideas for you.

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2- Dropshipping

Since past few years, Dropshipping has become one of the popular small business ideas and people are taking interest in it. Dropshipping is an online retail business you don’t need to keep stocks of products.

In this business, sellers can sell products without making stock management on their own. You can set up an online store through social media or a website, and showcase the products to sell. For full detail of dropshipping, you can read the below post.

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3- Consultant

Consultation is a very old name in terms of small business ideas. However, there is no replacement for consultation and you can do a lot. Consultancy business depends on your expertise, knowledge, and skills you have. Normally, people start consultancy services to provide a service and or solve some problem. Here is a list of some consultancy services:

  • Real Estate Consultant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Legal Advisor
  • Sales and Marketing Consultant

Consultancy business is normally based on your expertise and knowledge. For example, if you have good knowledge of finance, then financial consultancy may be a good option for you. This business model is best for those who have some good knowledge and experience in a particular field, and want to start their own business.

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4- Online Lessons

It is fortunate or unfortunate but the Cowid pandemic has made the world so versatile and people can teach and learn anywhere in the world. Before this pandemic, the scenarios were not the same as today, especially for online learning.

Today you have a lot of opportunities on the internet and taking online lessons is one of them. As there are no physical classes, it is easier to reach the maximum number of people from anywhere through the internet. If you have skills and are proficient enough to share them it people, online lessons can be one the best small business for you.

5- Thrift store

If you are not aware of what is a thrift store then first let me tell you this. Thrift stores collect and curate preowned fashionable clothes and sell them through different platforms like social media, websites, etc. You can start your thrift store with the minimum cost and expand it later with your progress.

The major things involved in this business are collecting clothes, curating them, and selling and delivering them. This can be one of the best small business ideas for those people who has some knowledge of clothes and fashion. However, anyone can do this business.

6- Content Writer and Blogging

For a few years, the profession of content writing and blogging is trending. Anyone can start this business with very little or without investment also. You can offer your service through social media, and available some freelancing sites as well.

Even you can offer and or tie up with clients directly or with some reference also. But if you want to start writing and blogging, you need writing skills. If you don’t have writing skills, you can even learn with regular practice.

You just need a laptop, an internet connection, and writing skills to start this business. And I tell you, there is a lot of scope in this field. I personally feel this is one of the best small business ideas of all.

7- Digital Marketing

Digital marketing business includes website designing, content writing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, etc. It is one of the indeed and hottest small business ideas in today’s world.

Now every business whether it is small, medium, or big, wants to have a good online presence including social media. As a digital marketer, you can fulfill their requirement to make them available online, increase brand awareness, and help them to generate more leads.

There may be a long list of the work that a digital marketer can do for a business organization. In one line there is a lot of scope with huge competition.

8- Customized Gift Hampers

Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversary, Achievement part, and more occasions are there where people like to give gifts to their near and dear. Even business organizations give goodies and gifts on different occasions to their employees and customers. With the above, you can understand there is a lot to work on in this zone.

If you start this business, you need to take care of every little thing to make them the best. In this business, you need to create a hamper with goodies, chocolates, and gifts as requested by your clients and it should be within the suggested budget.

9- Product Photography

Product photography is one of the growing segments of photography. In this segment, photographs of products are clicked for marketing purposes. Food, Jewelry, Haircare, and Cosmetics businesses are some examples where product photography is much needed to market their products.

Due to the high number of new small businesses, and startups, the demand for product photography is growing. This is a very creative field, and you need to have a creative mindset.

In this business, you will have to click photographs or make videos of the products in a creative manner. So that it can be attractive and can have a good impact on the target customers.

10- Customized Cake

Customized cakes are in demand for every small and big occasion celebrated at home or the office. If you are a person who likes and has knowledge of baking, then starting the business of making customized cakes can be a good idea. If you don’t have the required skills and knowledge, you can even learn it within a few days only.

You can start it from your home or by opening a shop also and later you can scale it up. You can sell your cake to local customers and you can supply it to corporate as well. Everything just depends on your mindset and effort.

11- Restaurant and Cafe

People love to explore different foods and beverages. Whether you are a young or old age person, there is very less possibility that you stay away from going to restaurants or cafes. The demand for food and restaurant business is unlimited. However, you need to be very care full while starting this business.

You need to do proper research before starting this business. Selection of location, demands in particular areas, pricing, budget, and other factors are important to consider before starting it. However, if you take the right decisions and steps, it can be one of the great small business ideas.

12- Online 1:1 Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the evergreen professions, especially for women who want to work in their own place. A few years ago, this was not so easy but now online tutoring has become easy to start and reach the maximum audience. You can choose the subjects in which you are an expert and start this business.

13- Event Planner

Event planning is not a new thing now. Yet this business has a lot of potentials and people are making a lot of money through this business. As an event planner, you need to manage everything well and you need a team of people who has a wide range of skills to manage.

Events planning may include weddings, birthday parties, corporate gatherings, etc. It is one of the popular small business ideas but networking and capital play a huge role in this business.

14- Podcasts

Creating podcasts can be a good business model if you are good to tell stories and connect with the audience. You can start podcast with a very little investment and if you are good enough on your content and presentation side, there is a high chance that you get good growth and make good money.

15- Blogger

As of today, there is a wide range of opportunities in the blogging field. You can choose a niche as per your talent, passion, and interest and make a blog. There are several fields like fashion, travel, finance, food, technology, etc are available to create blogs. If you have a good knowledge of any specific field, you should start from that. It can be advantageous to write well.

There are multiple blogging platforms are available. You can start from anywhere like Wix.com, WordPress.org, Blogger.com, Etc.


When I started writing about small business ideas, I had a lot of small business ideas to write however, I wanted to give a list of some best small business ideas only.

Whatever, the business you do, you will have some risk. In some cases risk level is low and in some cases, it might be very high also.

You need to do a full homework before starting any business. You should also know your strength and weakness as well. I hope this article was helpful. If you want to say something about small business ideas, you can write us.

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