15 Popular YouTube Channels for Business owners in India

YouTube Channels for Business owners
YouTube and Business Owners

In this article, we will discuss 15 popular YouTube channels for business owners in India and it is going to be very useful for you. India stands as the third-largest ecosystem for startups globally with over 7.7 lakh DPIIT-recognized startups across the country.

With increased digitization and e-commerce, entrepreneurship is more accessible than ever. The only problem is that not every business owner has access to education on business management, sales, and marketing through proper schooling.

But, since the smartphone has penetrated even the most rural areas of the country, everyone has access to free content and resources on the Internet.

YouTube has grown from being an entertainment channel to a medium that allows anyone to educate and inspire people through quality content. And if you will search on YouTube, you will get so many YouTube channels for business owners.

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15 YouTube Channels for Business Owners

There are so many Entrepreneur turned content creators who are sharing their journeys and important business lessons on their Youtube channels. Now, let’s have a look at 15 popular YouTube channels for business owners one by one.

1- Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker 

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a renowned motivational speaker, leadership consultant, and inspirational business coach. He is also the founder and CEO of Bada Business which provides extensive knowledge of business frameworks and strategies. Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker is one of the best YouTube channels for business owners in India.

Vivek Bindra YouTube channels for business owners
Dr. Vivek Bindra

His youtube channel is one of South Asia’s most subscribed Entrepreneurship channels with over 20M subscribers. His channel offers intensive case studies, business strategies, leadership funnel programs, and motivational videos for Entrepreneurs.

With his Honorary Ph.D. degree and Doctorate in Philosophy, he intends to empower Indian business owners by sharing management lessons inspired by Shrimad Bhagavat Geeta. This is one of the most popular YouTube channels for business owners.

2- Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Dr. Ujjwal Patni is a celebrated author, trainer, and business coach with a community of 6.4M on Youtube through free motivational videos on life and business. He has written 7 motivational books that have sold over a million copies worldwide. Dr. Ujjwal Patni is one of the most popular YouTube channels for business owners

Ujjwal Patni YouTube channels for business owners
Dr. Ujjwal Patni

He is the founder of Business Jeeto, which has curated courses for business owners and startups about business and leadership. Through his videos, he teaches business strategies using case studies and biographies of leading companies.

Dr. Ujjwal Patni has been one of the best motivational speakers and an inspiration for business owners as well. His channel is one of the best and most popular YouYube channels for business owners.

3- Anurag Aggarwal

Anurag Aggarwal has been a public speaking trainer and business coach for the past 21 years. He has many degrees and certifications from TMI-Denmark, Dale Carnegie Institute, and mentorship from the Late Global Management Guru Stephen Covey.

Anurag Aggarwal channel
Anurag Aggarwal

He was honored with the Best Coach of the year in 2018 and trained diplomats from different countries in public skills. His youtube videos have over 99 crore views with educational content on business, public speaking, personality, and politics.

4- Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, author, angel investor, and active content creator on multiple platforms with a massive following of 3M+. He was the founder and CEO of nearbuy.com, an online platform that connects customers and local merchants.

Warikoo YouTube channels for business owners

He has also been a part of Fortune India’s List of 40 under 40. Warikoo conducts courses online for over 150,000 students on entrepreneurship, career management, and personal growth.

He also invests in startups and mentors first-time entrepreneurs. He talks about personal finance, investing, and everything about startups on his Youtube Channel which comes among popular YouTube channels for business owners.

5- Think School

Think school was started by two Engineers who believed that the current education system was inadequate for today’s students. They teach high-demand skills on their platform through affordable courses that are action-oriented, and self-paced.

Think School YouTube channel
Think School

It is also available in various languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam. Parsh Kothari and Ganeshprasad have built their youtube audience of over 2.4M with educational content on business case studies, entrepreneurship, self-help, investing, and politics.

6- Sikhle India

Sikhle India was incubated in 2017 by Manoj Mor determined to empower Indians with various high-return sources of income and business ideas. His website provides guidance on diverse topics ranging from reselling business to investing and other passive income ideas.

Sikhle India Youtube channels for business owners
Sikhle India

This youtube channel focuses on educating the unemployed and farmers about new business ideas, and ways to earn money. He has over 15 years of experience in various fields that helped him build a followership of 1.4M through educative content.

7- Intellectual Indies

Intellectual Indies was started by Sahil Khanna, who was an Engineer turned Digital Marketer. He has worked with over 8 lakh entrepreneurs and helped them with his digital marketing courses like social media marketing, SEO, performance marketing, App Development, and Branding through his company – Lapaas.

Intellectual Indies Business channel
Intellectual Indies

In his youtube channel with over 1M subscribers, he talks about marketing, business ideas, growth hacks, Social media Entrepreneurship, investments, and Digital Marketing skills that are in high demand with the rising digital landscape.

8- Entrepreneur India TV

Entrepreneur India TV was started as part of an incubation program called the Institute for Industrial Development (IID) under a public-private partnership with the Government of India, the Ministry of MSMEs, and the Department of start-ups.

Entrepreneur India TV YouTube channel
Entrepreneur India TV

You can find various professional, technical, industrial, and career counseling courses through live workshops, seminars, documentaries, and expert interviews on their website as well. IID provides support to first-generation Entrepreneurs by providing industry-ready skill development programs and helps to establish a strong business.

The youtube channel provides complete guidance in starting businesses in various industries from manufacturing, processing, franchising, and retail, and even provides ideas for many creative businesses.

IID nurtures business owners by providing a detailed roadmap for setting up the business for their specific industry and supporting them till the execution of the business plan. This is one of the most useful YouTube channels for business owners.

9- StartupGyaan

StartupGyaan was founded by Arnab Nayak with the motivation of creating high-quality content on startups, businesses, Entrepreneurship, and motivation.

StartupGyaan Business channel

It aims to solve the problem of unemployment in the young generation by helping them set up their businesses successfully and at the right time.

The channel has made Entrepreneurship accessible with content focussed on sharing case studies, inspirational stories, anecdotes about startups, and interviews with established entrepreneurs.

10- MSME Helpline

MSME Helpline is an initiative of the Chamber of Indian Micro Small & Medium Enterprises for creating videos that spread awareness on Government Schemes and various aspects of building a business. They intend to educate new entrepreneurs about various compliances to adhere to before starting any business. They also offer free counseling through email.

MSME Helpline business channel
MSME Helpline

MSME Ki Pathshala is promoted by Mr. Mukesh Mohan Gupta whose videos are uploaded on the youtube channel that has over 900K subscribers.

The channel provides video content in multiple languages including Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Telugu. While talking about popular YouTube channels for business owners, this channel was good to include here.

11- Aditya Saini

Aditya Saini is the founder of multiple mass Media companies like BrewMedia, and Divine Media that are primarily involved in curated content creation and media production to help brands grow.

Aditya Saini YouTube channels for business owners
Aditya Saini

He also has experience in social media marketing through Omni-channels and also in performance and influencer marketing. He started his youtube channel in 2021 to educate budding entrepreneurs about business studies.

He discusses case studies of startups, investments, and the general market along with communication and marketing skills on his youtube channel.

12- Raj Shamani

Raj Shamani is a content creator turned Entrepreneur who is the host of a popular Entrepreneurship podcast – Figuring it out. He talks about growth, challenges, and shortcomings that can arise on the path to success and happiness.

Raj Shamani Business channel
Raj Shamani

He is one of the youngest influencers to give speeches in the UN and many other countries about business, branding, growth, and mental health.

He also interviewed many Billion Dollar startups including investors from Shark Tank India. He is also an active angel investor in FMCG, Fintech, and the passion economy space.

13- Startup Stories

Startup Story Media was founded by Anil Bakshi as a brand coaching and business consulting platform. Through lives stories and podcasts, this channel’s objective is to inspire and provide a daily source of educative content.

Startup Stories channel
Startup Stories

They adopt the usage of news bulletins, events, and life stories of successful entrepreneurs who have established themselves through innovative ideas.

The Channel has over 500K subscribers with exclusive stories on top companies and live interviews on the challenges and opportunities faced by business owners and how they’ve grown beyond them.

14- New Business Ideas

New Business Ideas was an initiative by Sankar, who is a full-time Youtuber and blogger. He desires to promote Entrepreneurship and help aspiring business owners with video content on various businesses, and ways to earn online.

New Business Ideas YouTube channel
New Business Ideas

The channel features top business ideas to start with low investment like food, manufacturing, and more. Furthermore, he offers in-depth information on investing, procuring raw materials, and business licenses to marketing strategies and making profits.

15- Backstage with Millionaires

This youtube channel was ideated and created in 2018 by Prithvi and Caleb who came together from different backgrounds to get eminent Entrepreneurs to talk about their journeys and experiences in starting their businesses.

Backstage with Millionaires channel
Backstage with Millionaires

Through their channel, they focus on creating a huge repository of interesting and entertaining content on Indian startups and their founders. They also feature case studies, expert advice, weekly news, and startups from diverse sectors.

Conclusion – YouTube channels for business owners

We’ve seen a non-exhaustive list of popular Youtube channels for business owners that have different kinds of content for different needs. Also, a special mention to channels like TedXTalks and JoshTalks provides a platform for business coaches and well-established business owners to share their stories and be role models for India’s youth.

One of the easiest ways to fetch new ideas and learn about the technicalities of running a business is to watch free resources available on these Youtube Channels for business owners. They can provide actionable advice and guidance along with case studies of successful unicorn companies to further motivate you.

There are so many useful YouTube channels for business owners but it is next to impossible to include each. However, I have chosen to list some of the very useful YouTube channels for business owners.

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