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From the beginning of my childhood, I have seen many celebrities doing advertisements and promoting different brands. Whether I talk about soap or about hail oil or even shampoo, we usually see their promotion by well-known celebrities and or influencers. Here I am not going to talk about Television advertisements. My focus in this article is to talk about an influencer marketing agency.

In the current scenario, Influencer marketing has become a major part of social media marketing and it is helpful for brands and influencers as well. Brands are collaborating with influencers and promoting their brands.

And influencers are earning good money out of it. An influencer marketing agency is playing a huge role between brands and influencers. With the help of an Influencer marketing agency, brands and creators(influencers) can collaborate with each other and make maximum out of it with ease and hassle-free. Now, let’s explore 5 influencer marketing agencies.

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1- GryNow

GryNow is a leading influencer marketing agency in India and has a network of more than 2 lakhs influencers, creators, and bloggers. GryNow is one of the most popular and well-known names in this field and has a good experience for more than 6 years now.

This influencer marketing agency has executed more than 1000 campaigns. They have influencers from different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and many other platforms.

2- Klear

Klear is a name that is present for a decade and it was founded in 2012. It was founded by Eytan Avigdor, Noam Avigdor, and Guy Avigdor. Kear is one the leading influencer marketing agency with more than 2000 client base.

Klear has a presence in multiple countries including India. They have worked with many well-established brands like Microsoft, Adidas, Hawai, Etc.

3- Plixxo

PLixxo started its operation in 2014 and now it has a good presence among influencers, creators, bloggers, and other artists. Plixxo has more than 26000 social media influencers onboard. If you are a creator or influencer, can easily signup.

For brands as well, the signup process is easy and can search for influencers related to their target audience. Priyanka Gill is the person who founded this platform to cater to both influencers and brands.

4- WhizCo

If you are a creator or influencer, I guess you may be aware of this name. If not, don’t worry, you will know now. WhizCo started as an online community of creators on Instagram in 2017 and the name was “Talent Swag”. After a few months of the journey, they got 100k followers. In 2019, Talent Swag rebranded as WhizCo.

And within a few months, they achieved multiple milestones and shifted from a small office to a big one. In 2022, they got the “Bootstrapped Business of the Year” award at the Entrepreneur India Awards 2022. As of now, WhizCo manages over 20 categories with over 50000 influencers on board.

5- Qoruz

Qoruz has one of the largest databases of more than 3 lakhs influencers, creators, bloggers, and other artists on the platform. It is a highly customized influencer search engine and is loaded with real-time reporting tools.

They have worked with 600 brands including many well-known brands. Qoruz is one of the leading and popular influencer marketing agencies that helps creators and brands both.


An influencer marketing agency can really helpful for creators and brands. There are several creators and influencers who are having good followers but don’t have an idea where and how to collaborate with brands and make good money.

Influencer marketing is a platform where creators can search for brands and brands can search and collaborate with influencers of their choice or even they can take the help of the agency to make the campaign optimized and successful. These agencies can helps brands to identify potential influencers for their products.

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