10 Ways to Save Money While Shopping? Online & Offline

save money while shopping
Ways to Save Money While Shopping

Mostly everyone does the shopping but very few know how to save money while shopping. Maybe you want to know some tips for shopping online and offline. In this article, I am explaining about 10 powerful tips to save money while shopping.

When it is a matter of saving money, you should try the maximum and give a possible try to save money and not do overspending. Sometimes, people do impulsive shopping and purchase things randomly.

But, In my opinion, whether you are rich or a middle-class person or you have little money, you should understand the value of money and should use it wisely. Most of us like shopping and we do it occasionally and at some festivals also.

Your shopping practice may depend on your needs, desires, and some other factors also. The objective of writing this article is to help you to save money while shopping. So, let’s go through those tips which may be helpful for you.

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1- Make a Budget Before Shopping

Once in a while, random shopping might be ok to fulfill your desire and need. But in most cases, you should make a budget before shopping. When you have a budget, you have a clear idea of how much money you have for purchasing the items. And after knowing your budget you can optimize your list and can do better shopping.

make budget save money while shopping

Practically, having a pre-planned budget is very helpful to save money while shopping. If you don’t have a proper list and your budget, you may over-spending. So, make sure you have a proper budget before you rush towards the market or online shopping.

2- Look for Free delivery

To save money while shopping, you should also have a check on the free delivery option. When you scroll through e-commerce sites like Amazon, and Flipkart, you might notice that some products are with free delivery options and some do not. Shipping and delivery costs may vary from company to company.

free delivery save money while shopping
Free Delivery

After short-listing the best product that you want to purchase, you should check its delivery charges also. Try to find out the way to get free delivery. If you get the delivery of the product without any additional charges, you might save money while shopping.

3- Negotiate Price

Instead of Negotiation, If I use the term Bargaining, it would be easy to understand. Bargaining is a very known element while shopping and you can save a lot of money while shopping. Mostly when you do offline shopping, you can find the possibility to get the product at the best rate. However, bargaining may be possible in online marketing also but for it, you need to do some extra effort to research and talk to the respective decision maker.

negotiate price
Negotiate price

Bargaining or negotiation can be one of the best ways to save money while shopping. It totally depends on your skills and how you negotiate the price of the product that you want to purchase.

4- Compare Products and Their Prices

It is applicable online and offline both. If you want to purchase something best at a lesser price, you must compare it. Whether you are shopping on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc, or from a local market. If you will compare products and prices, you might have better deals.

compare products save money
Compare products

Comparison of products and prices is one of the best ways to get the best deals and save money while shopping. It might take some time but you can save a lot of money and get good products at cheaper prices.

5- Wait for Year End Sale or Festive Sale

Mostly, all e-commerce websites, stores, and shops have year-end sales and seasonal sales offers. There are many festivals like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, etc when companies and shop owners launch several offers. If you are planning to buy something and you can utilize the opportunity and save money while shopping.

year end sale save money while shopping

In some cases, where we need the products right now, we can’t wait for year-end sales or seasonal offers. However, in some cases, you can wait for it and get a product with a maximum discount.

6- Best Cashback Offers

You can look after cashback offers and coupon codes also. There are many sites that provide cashback offers on shopping. You can also utilize coupon codes to save money while shopping. You can search for cashback offers and coupon codes on the merchant site and in search engines like Google also.

cashback offers save money

Most importantly, you should be alert while searching for cashback offers. And make sure that you are not clicking on spam sites or spam links to get free cashback kinds of offers.

7- Use Your Reward Points

Rewards points are something that you earn when you purchase something. It is added advantage offered by banks. When you have some good rewards points on your credit card, you can utilize them and save money while shopping. How many reward points you have may depend on your previous shopping and credit card.

use rewards save money
Rewards points

Sometimes, rewards points have an expiry date also. So make sure that your reward point not get expired. You can accumulate rewards points and utilize them from time to time smartly to get the maximum out of them.

8- Ask for More Discount

When you purchase something, you might get some automatic discount offered by the merchant. But don’t be satisfied with it only. You can try for more discount. You can ask for some more discount. When you ask, might be there is a possibility to get more discount and you can save money while shopping.

more discount
More Discount

When you do a high-value purchase or purchase multiple products, you can have a better opportunity to ask for more discounts.

9- Bulk Purchasing

This is another way to save money while shopping. However, while doing bulk shopping you should avoid unnecessary shopping. Through bulk shopping, you can save money while shopping. In most cases when you do bulk shopping you have more scope to get better deals. However, It is important that you make a shopping list before you go shopping.

bulk shopping save money
Bulk Shopping

Bulk shopping is one of the best ways to get more discounts, rewards points, and cashback offers, but self-control while shopping is important. If you will start adding unwanted products to just get more discounts, then it is not a good idea. So buy only what you want.

10- No Interest EMI option

When you buy products like fridges, AC, TV, or any other products, you can try to get the No EMI Option. When you replay the cost of the product through no interest EMI, you pay only the actual cost. It means you do not pay any additional interest.

no interest EMI save money while shopping
No Interest EMI

No Interest EMI options may be helpful to save money and also to improve your credit score by paying your loan through EMI.

Conclusion – Save Money While Shopping

There are many other ways also and you can apply to save money while shopping. You can also join free newsletter subscriptions of e-commerce companies. And you may get their offer and products in your emails. I hope this article on saving money while shopping was helpful for you and these tips will be useful for shopping.

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