10 Popular Agriculture Channels on YouTube in India

Agriculture Channels on YouTube
Agriculture Channels

If you are curious to learn different farming tools and methods of agriculture, YouTube can play an important role. Because there are many YouTubers on this platform who are creating content around agriculture and farming. Some of them are popular agriculture channels on YouTube.

Several videos on agriculture Tools, machinery, Techniques, organic farming, aquaponic farming, modern agriculture, agriculture productivity, and much more content are available on YouTube. In this article, I am writing about 10 agriculture channels on YouTube and I hope these channels would be helpful to you.

You can find the answer to almost all the questions about farming on YouTube and you can also learn various new methods and techniques to improve your farming process and productivity. so, let’s start knowing some popular agriculture channels on YouTube.

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1- Farming Leader

Farming Leader is one of the most popular agriculture channels on YouTube in India. This channel was created in September 2017 and the owner of the Farming Leader YouTube channel is Darshan Singh. The total subscribers on Farming Leader are 5.82 million.

farming leader YouTube channel
Farming leader

You can watch videos on various agriculture topics including Organic Farming in India, Dairy Farming, Goat farming, Poultry Farming, Fish Farming, Mushroom Farming, Agriculture machinery, etc on Farming Leader. Some playlists of Farming Leader are given below.

  • Vermi Compost Farming Business
  • Bagwani Horticulture
  • Dragon Fruit Farming Complete Course
  • Fish Farming in India
  • Mushroom Farming in India

Farming Leader has created multiple playlists. This channel is loaded with many videos related to agriculture and different forms of farming in India.

Total Subscribers5.82 Million+
Total Videos1.4K
Total Views958 Million

2- Pramod`s Life

Pramod`s Life YouTube channel is owned by Pramod Prajapati. He is a full-time farmer and vlogger. Pramod’s Life was created in January 2015 and this is one of the most popular agriculture channels on YouTube that in my knowledge. He has published more than 400 videos on agriculture and tractors.

Pramod's life YouTube channel
Pramod’s life

Some most popular videos on Pramod’s Life YouTube channel are Tractor Washing in River, Washing my Tractors, Pulling Power Test My Tractor Sonalika, etc. Some videos on this channel have more than 50 million views. Even the total views on some videos are more than 100 million also.

Total Subscribers5.72 Million+
Total Videos416
Total Views2.5 Billion+

3- Indian Farmer

Indian Farmer YouTube channel was created in June 2018 and Santosh Jadav runs this channel. This is one stop platform to gain, implement, and explore agriculture knowledge. This is the channel where you can find methods, tools, and techniques for farming in India. There are videos on various topics including agriculture productivity, and desi judged as well.

Indian farmers Agriculture Channels on YouTube
Indian Farmer

You can find answers to multiple questions on Indian Farmer. This is one of the best agriculture channels on YouTube. You can watch videos on various topics including Weed Control, How to Build a Farm, Agri Business, Fertigation, Agriculture Machinery, Disease Control, Harvesting, etc on Indian Farmer.

Total Subscribers3.41 Million+
Total Videos1.5K
Total Views1 Billion+

4- Technical Farming

There are so many farmers in India who are doing organic farming and also using some modern methods to make their agriculture more profitable. Technical Farming YouTube channel is a dedicated agriculture channel that publishes videos of several modern techniques and success stories of farmers. If you will scroll through this channel, you will notice videos of so many farmers who have shared their success stories and farming technique.

technical farming Agriculture Channels on YouTube
Technical Farming

The Technical Farming channel is one of the most popular agriculture channels on YouTube where you can find many learning and inspiring videos of agriculture. This channel was created in October 2018. Some Playlists of Technical Farming are Natural Food, Farmer Business, Farming Machines, Honey Bee Farming and Honey Bee Keeper, etc.

Total Subscribers2.37 Million+
Total Videos870
Total Views219 Million+

5- Come To Village

Come to Village is one of the best agriculture channels on YouTube where you can watch videos village related activities, cultures, games, foods, traditions, organic farming, tractors, etc. This channel is run by Ayyappan N and he created this channel in February 2017. And now there are 1.89 million subscribers on it.

Come to Village channel
Come to Village

Some most popular videos of Come to Village are Swaraj 744 Tractor Stuck in Mud With Heavy Load, Water Wash Swaraj 744 FE, Village Girl vs New Holland 3600-2 Tractor Demo With 5 Tyne Cultivator, Tractor vs Tractor, etc.

Total Subscribers1.89 Million+
Total Videos1.2K
Total Views693 Million+

6- Ravizone Farming Leader

Ravizone Farming Leader is a dedicated agriculture YouTube channel where you may get various information regarding farming. This channel was created in December 2015 by Ravi Tyagi and now it is of the well-known agriculture channels on YouTube. He creates video content delicately on Organic farming, Sugarcane Farming, Pig farming, Goat Farming, Mushroom Farming, Poultry Farming, etc. You can also find videos of success stories of other farmers also.

ravizone farming leader
Ravizone Farming Leader

Some playlists of Ravizone Farming Leader are Sugarcane Farming, Vegetable Farming, Boiler Poultry Farming, Mustard Farming, Amrud Ki Kheti, Etc. You can watch a wide range of videos on Ravizone Farming Leader. If you are looking for some agriculture channels on YouTube that cover a wide range of agriculture topics, you can explore this channel.

Total Subscribers1.25 Million
Total Videos1.1K
Total Views 94 Million

7- The Advance Agriculture

The Advance Agriculture YouTube channel was started in April 2019. They share several informative videos about agriculture and its problems. On this channel, you may find videos on topics like Fertilizer Information, Insecticide, Fungicide, Plant Tonic, Crop Information, and Vegetable Farming. etc. There are more than 1 million subscribers on The Advance Agriculture.

the advance agriculture channel
The Advance Agriculture

Amazing Pea Farming, Tamatar Ki Kheti, Tomato Farming, Chili Farming, Karela Ki Kheti, Bitter Gourd Plantation, Sitafal Ki Kheti, Baigan ki Kheti Kab Aur Kaise Kare, Cumin Faring, Peanuts Farming, etc are some most viewed videos of The Advance Agriculture.

Total Subscribers1.07 Million+
Total Videos944 Videos
Total Views137 Million+

8- My Kisan Dost

If you are searching for some agriculture channels on YouTube where you may get information about agriculture, home gardening, farming, machinery, etc in one place, I may recommend exploring My Kisan Dost. This channel was started in December 2015 and they have 1.37 Million subscribers. They share content on Organic Farming, Agriculture Machinery, Agriculture Technology, Tractor Information, Home Gardening, etc.

my kisan dost channel
My Kisan dost

Yash Jaat is the owner of My Kisan Dost YouTube channel. Some playlists of My Kisan Dost are Chane Ki Kheti, Mustard Farming, Onion Farming in India, Papaya Farming in India, Grapes Farming in India, Lemon farming, Beekeeping Farming, Hydroponics Farming, etc.

Total Subscribers1.36 Million+
Total Videos537
Total Views100 Million+

9- DD Kishan

DD Kishan is one of the most popular agriculture channels on YouTube. Doordarshan is a public broadcasting organization founded by the Government of India. DD Kishan is a dedicated agriculture channel for rural India, especially for farmers in India. This is a very informative channel where you may get information about agriculture, policies and decisions, technological information on farming, animal husbandry, water conservation, etc.

DD Kisan Agriculture Channels on YouTube
DD Kisan

This channel was created in February 2015 and it is one of the best agriculture channels on YouTube for farmers in India. If you are a farmer, I would recommend this channel. Some playlists of DD Kishan are Safal Kishan, DD Kisan Conclave Budget 2023-2024, Krishi Startup, Digital Kishan, Shresth Sansthan, etc.

Total Subscribers on DD Kishan843K+
Total Videos15K
Total Views95 Million+

10- Organic Acre

The Organic Acre YouTube channel is owned by Lakshay Dabas. He started this channel in March 2018. Earlier he used to be in a job and he left his job and involve full time in farming and agriculture. Through this channel, he shares his experience and knowledge with people. He has shared many videos on Organic forming, agriculture business ideas, tractors, etc.

organic acre Agriculture Channels on YouTube
organic Acre

You can watch many agriculture and farming videos on Organic Acre and you can also explore videos of interviews/success stories/products of other farmers on this channel.

Total Subscribers419K
Total Videos81
Total Views56 Million

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