10 Blogging Tips for Beginners: Most Useful for Bloggers

Blogging Tips for Beginners ou
Blogging Tips

If you start a blogging journey and get some good guidance or tips then it may be helpful for you. In this article, I am writing about 10 blogging tips for beginners. This blog is about some basic points which may be very important.

Starting a blog is easy and so many people are joining every day. But some of them quit after a few months or midway. In this field, the main important point is to work continue and be consistent. Here are some blogging tips that you should know.

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1- Why to Start Blogging – Know Your Reasons

If you start anything, you should start with a reason. Whether you start a blog or any other journey, if you don’t know the reasons for it, you will lack a very big factor. When you start your blogging journey, find the reason. It is your passion or you are doing it for money or fame or something else.

know reasons blogging tips
Reasons of blogging

If you know the reason, you will have an internal motivation to satisfy yourself for that reason. And you will have something to achieve. There may be multiple reasons also. Maybe you want money, fame, or both things in blogging, or maybe something else. Knowing your reason is one of the most important blogging tips.

2- Set Your Goals

While discussing blogging tips, how I can forget to consider the goals of blogging. What do you want to achieve from blogging? If you know the answer, it is very good. The goal is very important in this field. Set a goal for yourself. If your goal is clear, you will put the effort and input in that direction.

know goals blogging tips
Goal settings

Suppose you want to earn 10 lakh rupees in a year from your blog. If you know this, you will be able to plan your strategy to achieve the target. Your goal will also motivate you to work. But if you don’t have any particular goal, you might not be so focused on your blog. You may have a single goal or multiple goals also. it will depend on you only.

3- Write for Users, Not For Search Engines

Without good content, the blogging journey is not successful. Writing good content should be your topmost priority. Know your target audience and write for them. Write content that can provide a piece of complete and relevant information to your visitors.

write for audience
Target audience

The search engine is important but user satisfaction is most important. Optimize your content so that users can get maximum benefits from your content. it should be easy to read and easy to understand. Avoid using jargon and complex words in your article. “Write for users” is one of the best blogging tips that you should always consider in your list.

4- Selection of the Right Niche and Blogging Platform

There are so many blogging tips that I can list over here. But The selection of the right niche and blogging platform is a crucial decision. You should choose the niche of your interest. If you have some interest in your niche or subject, you can write and express your thoughts easily. But in case you are selecting a niche that is not known to you. And you don’t have any interest also.

niche and platforms blogging tips

Then after some time, you might get bored. Suppose, you are a person who is a fan of sports and have so much knowledge about them. In that case, it may be a good niche for you. Choosing a good blogging platform is as important as choosing a good niche. There are many blogging platforms like WordPress.org, WordPress.com, etc. But in my opinion, WordPress.org is one of the best platforms for bloggers. However, it is up to you, which one suits you better.

5- Patience is The Pillar

Having good patience is one of the very important blogging tips for you. Most bloggers quit blogging after some time. They don’t see the immediate result and quit it. Blogging is one of those fields where you need a lot of patience. In this field you might not see good traffic and results in starting, you might need to do a lot of work also.

patience for blogging

If you start your blog then stick to it till the time you get success. Success in blogging doesn’t come immediately. If you are putting effort in the right direction, working hard, and maintaining consistency, definitely success is on your way. If you will ask any successful blogger, they will advise you that patience is very important to get success in blogging. Please don’t quit without having a strong reason.

6- Selection of Hosting and Theme

If you are starting your blog on a self-hosted platform like WordPress.org, you need a hosting service. A good hosting service is an important factor for your blog. If your hosting is not good enough, you might not get the good results you expect.

web hosting blogging tips
Web hosting

Your site structure and design of your site depend on the theme a lot. You must choose a good theme for your site. So that you can give the best design and structure to your site. There are many themes available but first, check what kind of website you are creating. Here is a list of some popular themes: Newspaper, GeneratePress, etc

7- WordPress Settings

In case you are creating your blog on WordPress, You must do all your WordPress Settings after installing it. You need to log in to your WordPress and select the settings option on the left side of the menu and do all the required settings.

Wp settings blogging
WP Settings

WordPress settings are very important and one of the most considerable blogging tips for everyone who is using WordPress.

8- Professional Logo and Design

I guess you know the most famous line – The first impression is the last impression. Your website should look professional. You should use a proper logo and site icon. Customize your site header, footer, and other parts of the site very well.

logo and design

You should have a good navigation menu. So that users don’t struggle to find the content on your site. If your design is impressive and attractive, it will help you to attract and engage your visitors.

9- Avoid Multiple Blogs

When you start blogging, you should focus on one blog. Some people create multiple blogs at starting and after some time it becomes difficult to focus. First, you should start only one blog and you should give your best to bet on it.

avoid multiple blogs
Avoid multiple blogs at a time in the beginning

First, get some success and experience. Now if you want to create more blogs, you can do it. But you should not lose focus on your current blog which is already successful. Starting and managing multiple blogs from the beginning is not a good idea.

10- Follow Some Successful Bloggers

If you are a beginner or an expert, it is always advisable that you should be in touch with successful people. You should follow some successful bloggers. Read about them and know how they got success.

follow good bloggers
Follow some good bloggers

What kind of efforts are they doing? you should know. This will help you to be motivated and also give you direction and a lot of knowledge and experience also.

Conclusion – Blogging Tips

Starting a blog is very easy but achieving something in blogging needs dedicated time and consistent work. There are so many platforms like WordPress.org, WordPress.com, Wix.com, Blogger.com, and so on. You can start your blogging but you have to be passionate about it.

You have to work on your blog on regular basis. Blogging needs time. You have to give time to learn, research, and explore your topic. I can give you so many blogging tips in this article, but I have listed those blogging tips that are very important.

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