10 Best Science Channels on YouTube to Follow in 2023

Best Science Channels on YouTube
Science Channels

Are you looking for some science channels on YouTube? Are you interested to learn science topics in an easy way? I must say you are reading the correct article. Because, In this article, I will explain some popular science channels on YouTube and these channels may help you a lot to learn and understand various concepts of science in an easier and more practical way.

A few years back, commonly we had two options – Books and Labs/Classrooms to learn the concept of science. But now, YouTube is also there where you can learn anything to improve your knowledge. There is a lot of educator and scientist who create video content around science and publish it on YouTube.

Science is a tough subject for most of us. Here, I am writing about 10 science channels on YouTube and I hope these channels may be helpful to understand various concepts of science through their video content. Even you can explore more channels also.

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1- Crash Course

Crash Course is one of the popular science channels on YouTube. They publish videos in animation format and cover many subjects of science. They publish videos on subjects like Climate & Energy, Environmental Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and many others subjects. Crash Course was started in May 2006 and they have 14.6 million subscribers.

Crash Course Channel
Crash Course

If you want to explore various topics of science, you may prefer this science channel and watch videos on it. Some popular videos of Crash Course are DNA Structure and Replication, The Nervous System, Photosynthesis, Biological Molecules – Are You What You Eat, etc.

Total Subscribers on Crash Course14.6 Million+
Total Videos1.4K
Total Views1.7 Billion+


AsapSCIENCE is one of the popular science channels on YouTube that was started by two guys Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown in 2012. They publish video content on this channel in a very funny and entertaining way to make it understandable easily. Videos on this channel are engaging and available on many science concepts. As on March 2023, there are 10.3 million subscribers.

AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel

Some popular videos of AsapSCIENCE are Do You Hear “Yanny” or “Laurel” (Solved With Science), What Color is This Dress (Solved With Science), Which Come First – The Chicken or the Egg?, What Happens When You Are Drunk and Stoned At The Same Time, etc.

Total Subscribers on AsapSCIENCE10.4 Million+
Total Videos447
Total Views1.8 Billion+

3- GetsetflySCIENCE

GetsetflySCIENCE is an Indian channel. Infact GetsetflySCIENCE is one of the biggest Indian science channels on YouTube. This was started by Gaurav Thakur in 2017 and within a few years, this channel become popular. As of now, they have 6.47 million subscribers. Gaurav is the founder of Getsetfly Media which is an influencer marketing company and runs multiple YouTube channels.

GetsetflySCIENCE YouTube Channel

GetsetflySCIENCE creates and shares content on versatile topics like science, space, scientific self-improvement, etc. Examples of some playlists of GetsetflySCIENCE Facts That Matter, Science Simplified, How Your Brain Creates Reality Through Hallucination, Black Holes Playlists, etc.

Total Subscribers on GetsetflySCIENCE6.47 Million
Total Videos582
Total Views782 Million

4- Minutephysics

Minutephysics is one of the most interesting science channels on YouTube where you can enjoy many science-related videos, especially physics. The concept of different scientific topics is explained well in Minutephysics. And if you think physics is tough and boring, you should go on this channel once and watch some videos. You will get it more interesting to understand it. Minutephysics was started in June 2011 and it has 5.64 million subscribers.

Minutephysics Channel

Minutephysics is one of the popular science channels on YouTube and it was created by Henry Reich. Examples of some most popular videos of Minutephysics are Is It Better to Walk or Run in The Rain, Immovable Object vs Unstoppable Force – Which Wins, What if The Earth Were Hollow, Time Travel in Fiction Rundown, The True Science of Parallel Universes, etc.

Total Subscribers on Minutephysics5.64 Million+
Total Videos270
Total Views522 Million+

5- Big Think

Big Think is a YouTube channel where expert-driven, actionable, and educational scientific videos are available. Big Think was created by Victoria Brown and Peter Hopkins. You can find a wide range of topics on this channel. Big Think is a multi-media web portal that was launched in 2007. As of now, there are 5.3 million subscribers on Big Think.

Big Think YouTube Channel
Big Think

Some popular videos of Big Think are Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell (Full Presentation, William Ackman: Everything You Need To Know About Finance and Invest in an Under Hour, Steven Pinker: Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain, 3 Ways to Express Your Thoughts So Everyone Will Understand You, etc.

Total Subscribers on Big Think5.3 Million+
Total Videos8.8K
Total Views584 Million+

6- Seeker

Seeker is a channel where you can watch videos of many scientific subjects like NASA, Population, Black Hole, Space, and many more. Seeker was started in September 2013 and they have published several videos on science. They have more than a billion views on Seeker YouTube channels and huge subscribers.

Seeker Science Channels on YouTube

Some playlists of Seeker are James Webb Telescope, Air Pollution, Impact of Everything, Seeker Baby, Women in Space, Etc. Some most viewed videos of Seeker are Engineering the World’s Fastest Solar Race Car, Navigating A Solar Car Through Killer Conditions, Catastrophe on The Final stretch of The World Solar Challenge, etc.

Total Subscribers on Seeker5.08 Million+
Total Videos3.9K
Total Views1.2 Billion+

7- Be Smart

Be Smart channel was created by Joe Hanson in March 2012. On this channel, you can find the answer to many questions related to science in a simplified way. If you will scroll through this channel, you will find the answers to many interesting questions that may be running through your mind and you are curious to know. If you are looking for some science channels on YouTube where you can get the answer to some science-related questions, you might land on it.

Be Smart Science Channels on YouTube
Be Smart

Some most viewed videos of Be Smart are Why is Blue So Rare in Nature, What is Fire, Are We All Related, Why Are We The Only Human Left, Why is Our Skeleton On The Inside, Why Does February Have 28 days, Are We Living in The Sixth Extinction, etc. They have published videos on topics of the Human Body, Evolution, Animals, Climate, Energy, Food, etc.

Total Subscribers on Be Smart4.27 Million+
Total Videos375
Total Views470 Million+

8- Science Channel

Surprisingly the name of the channel is Science Channel and you are reading an article about the 10 best science channels on YouTube. Science Channel was created in December 2006 and there are more than a billion views on Science Channel. You can watch content on several topics like outer space, new technology, earth science, and other topics as well.

Science Channel on YouTube
Science Channel

Some most viewed videos on Science Channel are Can You Walk On Rodent Glue Without Getting Stuck, Catching A Human With a Giant Glue Trap, What Happens When Lava Meets Ice, Can A Solar Still Generate Enough Fresh Water For Survival, etc. There are so many interesting videos available on this channel and you might like them.

Total Subscribers on Science Channel4.47 Million+
Total Videos1.9K
Total Views1 Billion+

9- SciShow

SciShow is one of the best science channels on YouTube where you can get so much learning of science. They have more than 3k videos on SciShow and they are a dedicated channel. SciShow was created in October 2011 and now there are 7.42 million subscribers on it. On this channel, they have a proper schedule for the complete week also. Food Facts, Accelerator Science, SciShow Space, and SciShow Psych, are some playlists of SciShow.

SciShow Science Channels on YouTube

Some popular and most viewed videos of SciShow are The Sex Lives Of early Humans, The Deepest Hole in The World and What We Have Learned From It, The 5 Most Dangerous Chemical on The earth, Bananas Are Not What YouThink, The Truth About Ginger, etc. If you want to explore answers to scientific questions and want to explore science, you can explore this channel.

Total Subscribers on SciShow7.42 Million+
Total Videos3.2K
Total Views1.7 Billion+

10- World Science Festival

The World Science Festival YouTube channel was created in May 2008. You can enjoy science content in long form and short forms on this channel. They create content mostly all science-related subjects like physics, biology, engineering, medicine, space, etc. World Science Festival is a production of the World Science Foundation which is situated in New York.

World Science Festival YouTube
World Science Festival

Some playlists of the World Science Festival are WSU Master Classes, Beyond Higgs: The Wild Frontier of Particle Physics, Space and The Cosmos, Biology & Origins of Life, etc. They have published 1.3K videos and have 1.14 million subscribers.

Total Subscribers 1.14 Million
Total Videos1.2K
Total Views198 Million+

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