10 Best Personal Finance Channels on YouTube in India

finance channels on YouTube
Finance YouTube Channels

In this article, I write about some best finance channels on YouTube. If I talk about money, there are two major steps. The first phase is Earning Money and the second phase is Money Management. Most of us are not financial experts and we seek guidance and learning to manage our funds better.

There are many financial instruments like Insurance, Fixed Deposits, Saving Accounts, Mutual Funds, Stocks, etc, where generally people invest and save their money. But to manage it well, you need to have some basic and advanced knowledge that might help you to improve your personal finance.

Currently, YouTube is not only a video-sharing platform and search engine, but it is one of the biggest learning platforms. If you are curious to learn personal finance, you can utilize this platform to get knowledge.

There are many personal finance channels on YouTube and you can watch videos on them to get some knowledge and expertise in personal finance. Here, I have written about 10 finance channels on YouTube and I guess, it may be useful for you.

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1- Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal Kamra is a well-known name on YouTube, and he started his YouTube journey in 2017. And in a few years, he got a good success on YouTube. Pranjal Kamra is from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. He is also running a business venture in the name of Finology Ventures Pvt Limited.

pranjal kamra channel on YouTube
Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal Kamra’s youtube channel is one of the most popular names for personal finance. As of now, there are 5.05 million subscribers on this channel. And the total views on Pranjal Kamra are more than 358 million.

There are many videos on a variety of topics like Stock Trading, Financial Planning, Taxation, Investment, etc, available on this channel. Here is a list of some playlists of Pranjal Kamra’s YouTube channel.

  • Best Mutual Fund to Invest
  • IPO Analysis
  • Business Games
  • Advanced Stock Market Classes
  • Books on Investing

You can scroll other playlists also. He has published many videos on YouTube and some of them have millions of views. Some of the popular videos are Stock Market For Beginners, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, Stock Market Classes With Pranjal Kamra, What is Mutual Funds, etc. This can be one of the best finance channels on YouTube to learn personal finance.

2- CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

CA Rachana Phadke Ranade is one of the best finance channels on YouTube. Rachana Ranade is a Finfluencer and by education, she is a Chartered Accountant. She has multiple degrees and passionate lady to educate people.

CA Rachana Phadke Ranade Channel
CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

Her aim is to improve financial literacy in India and she started her YouTube journey in 2009. And now there are 4.32 million subscribers on the CA Rachana Phadke Ranade channel. And the total views on CA Rachana Phadke Ranade are more than 227 million. Let’s have a view of some playlists.

  • Economics for the stock market
  • Budget 2023
  • Shorts
  • Current Affairs and Its Impact on Stock Market
  • Mutual Funds by CA Rachana Ranade

For financial learning, you can explore many topics on this YouTube channel. Some popular videos of CA Rachana Ranade are Basics of Stock Market for Beginners, Options Trading for Beginners, How to Save Money and Become Rich, 3 Golden Rules of Saving Money, What is Future and Options Trading, etc. This channel may be one of the most useful finance channels on YouTube to get knowledge of personal finance.

3- Labour Law Advisor

Labour Law Advisor is also one of the most popular YouTube channels. It was started in 2017 and it has 4.02 million subscribers and more than 894 million total views. If you want to explore a variety of finance topics on YouTube, then Labour Law Advisor may be one of the good options.

Labour Law Advisor YouTube Channel
Labour Law Advisor

They are covering several topics of personal finance like Mutual Funds, Investment, Taxation, Insurance, ITR filing, Debt Management, etc. Now let’s go through some playlists of Labour Law Advisor.

  • Jagruk Quiz
  • CRED Jagruk Talks Session
  • How to Start Freelancing
  • ABC of Personal Finance
  • Mutual Fund by LLA

Some popular videos of Labour Law Advisor are PF Withdrawal Process Online, eSharam Card Kaise Banaye, Best Tax saving Guide, How to Increase Bank Balance, Reality of Money Back Plan, Low-Risk High Return Investment, Etc.

4- Asset Yogi

Asset Yogi is one of my favourite finance channels on YouTube. If you want to learn something about financial topics like money management, saving, tax, ITR filing, stock trading, etc in simple language, this finance channel may be one of the best finance channels on YouTube for you. Most videos are in Hindi language and everything is explained in very simplified ways.

Asset Yogi finance channels on YouTube
Asset Yogi

Asset Yogi channel was started in 2017 and it has grown very well. It is a very popular finance channel and there are 3.59 million subscribers on this channel. And if I talk about the total views on Asset Yogi, it is more than 216 million. Asset Yogi has created some playlists also. Here are some of them.

  • Small Case Investment
  • IPO Reviews
  • Time Value of Money
  • Bond Investment
  • Real Estate

There is a long list of playlists on this channel and you can explore them and videos on financial topics. This is one of the best finance channels on YouTube to learn money management and other topics of finance.

Some popular videos on Asset Yogi Channel are Power of Compounding, The Big Bull Harshad Mehta Scam, 50-30-20 Rule of Money, How to Open best Demat Account in India Online, Public Provident Fund Account, Ultimate Income Tax Saving and Tax Planning Guide, etc.

5- The Urban Fight

The Urban Fight YouTube channel is loaded with videos on multiple niches. You can find videos on this channel on personal finance, communication skills, interview preparation, and other topics as well. The Urban Fight was started in 2016.

The Urban Fight Channel
The Urban Fight

The total subscribers base on The Urban Fight is 3.1 million and the total views on this channel are more than 113 million. Taskeen Fatima Basha is running this channel. You can find videos on several topics like Trading, Mutual Funds, Investment, Saving management, Learning English, and many more on The Urban Fight. Here is a list of some playlists of The Urban Fight.

  • Finance Talk
  • Health Talk
  • The Ultimate Playlist
  • Career Podcast Series
  • Learn English

There are some videos on this channel which has millions of views. Some of them are Interview Questions – Tell Me Something About Yourself, How to Write a Resume, Zerodha Trading Tutorials for Beginners, 5 Basic Ways to Grow Money, etc.

6- Warikoo

Warikoo is an entrepreneur and best-seller author. He is also an online educator and a content creator. His book “DO EPIC Shit” was released in 2012. He started his YouTube channel “Warikoo” in 2017 and it is one of the most popular Finance channels on YouTube.

Warikoo finance channels on YouTube

Warikoo is an MBA graduate. And he was also part of Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40 lists in India, Forbes Top 100 Creators List 2022, etc. Currently, there are 2.72 million subscribers on Warikoo and the total views are more than 202 million. Now it is time to check some playlists of Warikoo.

  • Featured Interview
  • Warikoo Books
  • Warikoo Productivity
  • Warikoo Motivation
  • Warikoo Personal Finance

He has uploaded many finance-related videos on his channel and they may be very useful for people to learn finance and related topics. Some of the popular videos of Warikoo are Credit Card Se Paise Aise Kamate Hain, Loans Jaldi Repay Kariye, Aapke 20s Ke Liye Complete Financial Planning, etc.

7- Invest Aaj for Kal

Anant Ladha is the founder of Invest Aaj for Kal. Anant Ladha has multiple qualifications and he is a CFA, CA CFP, and LLB. He joined YouTube journey in 2013 and his main focus is to provide financial knowledge and educate people.

Invest aaj for kal channel
Invest Aaj For Kal

Invest Aaj For Kal is one of the most popular finance channels on YouTube which is loaded with multiple videos on finance-related topics. Currently, there are 2.13 million subscribers and more than 393 million views on Invest Aaj For Kal. Here are some playlists of Invest Aaj For Kal.

  • Stock Market Master Class
  • Detailed Options Free Course
  • International Investing
  • Share Trading Strategy
  • General Market Trends

Some popular videos on YouTube of Invest Aaj For Kal are SIP – Pease Don’t Do SIPs, Mistakes Done in Term Insurance Plan, Best Health Insurance Policy, Best Trading Strategy in Stock Market, Power of Stocks – Price and Volume, etc. If you are searching finance channels on YouTube, then this channel may be on your list.

8- Booming Bulls

If you are a person who has an interest in the stock market and trading, this channel may be useful for you. Most of the videos on this channel are related to stock trading and investment. Along with other finance channels on YouTube, you can explore Booming Bulls also.

Booming Bulls YouTube Channel
Booming Bulls

Booming Bulls was started in 2019 and within 2 to 3 years, it has achieved good success on YouTube. Currently, there are 1.45 million subscribers and more than 150 million total views on Booming Bulls. Now, let’s explore some playlists.

  • Life Management
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Crypto Analysis
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Forex Learning

Some videos on the Booming Bulls channel have more than a million views. Some of them are the Secret of Intraday Strategy, How to Start Trading, How to Select Stocks For Intraday Trading, Trade with EMA Strategy, Price Action Strategy, etc.

9- Invest Mindset

Invest Mindset is also one of the best and most popular finance channels on YouTube to learn finance and money management. If you don’t have any financial expertise and knowledge, yet you can learn so much through this channel. Videos on this channel are explained in simplified and easy ways.

invest mindset channel
invest mindset

Invest Mindset was created in July 2020 and currently, it has 872K subscribers. And the total number of views on Invest Mindset is more than 45 million. Here is a list of some playlists of Invest Mindset.

  • Stock Investing Legends
  • Financial Freedom in India
  • Personal Finance
  • Stock Market Investing For Beginners
  • Investing Book Summary for Beginners

Some popular videos of Invest Mindset are Power of Compounding, Psychology of Money Book Summary, Regular Income From Stocks, How to Get Rich With Power of Compounding, 7 Rules of Savings, Trading vs Investing, etc.

10- B Wealthy

Swati is the founder of B Wealthy. She created this channel in 2017 and now she has more than 501K subscribers on her channel B Wealthy. If you want to know about Mutual funds, insurance, stocks, personal finance, earning, savings, investment, and other topics, you can explore this YouTube channel.

B Wealthy finance channels on YouTube
B Wealthy

Videos on B Wealthy are in Hindi language and you can easily understand them. As of now, there are more than 27 million total views on this channel. Le’s check a list of some playlists of B Wealthy.

  • Know Your Fund Manager
  • Shares
  • Loans
  • Types of Funds
  • Insurance Plan Reviews

Some popular videos on YouTube of B Wealthy are How to Retire At 40 Years, Best Options for Short-Term Investment, Retirement Planning For 40000 Per Month, Easy Ways to earn in Stock Market, Mutual Fund Tips by Expert, etc.

Conclusion – Finance Channels on YouTube

If you are curious to learn about money, saving investment, and many other aspects of financial learning, it is very good. Knowledge of finance is a very important part of life and everyone should have some knowledge about it. So that people can manage their money well and optimize their earnings. There are many finance channels on YouTube and you can learn from them on so many topics.

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