10 Best Fashion Channels on YouTube in India to Follow

best fashion channels on Youtube
Fashion YouTube Channels

Friends, as you have seen the topic above that today we will talk about some fashion channels on YouTube. There are many occasions in our life like birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, and friends get together when we want to wear something special and different. But most of the time we get confused and look for suggestions and advice.

And surprisingly, some of us scroll through YouTube and watch some videos to get some ideas to look different and special. There are many fashion channels on YouTube that help people to groom, and look stylish. They share videos about new products, tips, and tricks, new trends, dresses and outfit ideas, styles, personality grooming, and many more things about fashion.

Everyone has their own choice and wants to look best. And the list of these fashion channels on YouTube might be very helpful for you. So if you want to improve your fashion and style, let’s start to have a detailed overview of these fashion channels on YouTube.

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1- The Formal Edit

The Formal Edit is a men’s fashion and grooming channel. Karron Dhinggra is the founder and owner of “The Formal Edit”. Karron Dhinggra is from Delhi, India. He is a fashion blogger and YouTuber. This channel was started in January 2017 and it is one of the most popular fashion channels on YouTube with 4.55 million subscribers. The Formal Edit YouTube channel covers a lot of topics like formal fashion, suit style, watches and shoes, Indian fashion, men’s grooming, skincare, hair care tips, home remedies, the Indian latest men’s fashion, etc.

The Formal Edit fashion
The Formal Edit

Some popular and most-viewed videos of the Formal Edit on YouTube are Personal Things Dad Won’t Teach You – Private Life-Saving Hacks For Men, Haicut Tips For Different Face Shapes, 11 Wedding Outfits – Save Money, 10 Kachs to Improve Communication Skills, Why Girls Love Bad Boys. Overall, he talks about many things like fashion, style, grooming, health, personality, looks, hairstyles, etc. If you are searching for some good fashion channels on YouTube, you should explore this channel also.

Total Subscribers on The Formal Edit4.55 Million+
Total Videos748
Total Views2.2 Billion+

2- Radhika Tutorials

Radhika Tutorials is a channel where you can learn sewing from zero to hero. Here you can watch many videos related to sewing and fashion styles. Many ladies want to make ready their dresses at home and they try different methods and styles to give a new look to their dresses. On Radhika Tutorials, you can learn many topics like Winter Special Dress Cutting and stitching, Ladies’ Pant Cutting and stitching, Lehenga Cutting and Stitching, DIY Cushion Design, Indian Wedding Outfit Complete Series, etc.

Radhika Tutorials Fashion Channels on YouTube
Radhika Tutorials

Radhika Tutorials YouTube channel was created in May 2017 and has 4.2 million subscribers.on it. Some popular videos of Radhika Tutorials are Simple Blouse Banana Sikhe Very Easy Method Step By Step Puri Video, Salwar Suit/kameez/Kurti Cutting and Stitching Step By Step in Hindi, Patiala Salwar Cutting, and Stitching in Hindi.

Total Subscribers on Radhika Tutorials4.2 Million+
Total Videos375
Total Views516 Million+

3- Super Style Tips

Super Style Tips YouTube channel was started by Komal Gudan in November 2016. Komal Gudan is from Jaipur, Rajasthan and she was born on 2 March 1993. Super Style Tips is one of the most popular fashion channels on YouTube which has 3.77 million subscribers and more than 670 million views on the channel. She uploads videos on this channel on fashion, style, skincare, jewelry, makeup, haircare, product reviews, etc.

Super Style Tips channel
Super Style Tips

Some most viewed videos of Super Style Tips are Tan Removal + Feet Whitening Pedicure At Home (Live Demo), Permanent Hair Straightening At Home, Charcoal Peel Off mask Does Ir Work, Lakme perfecting Foundation – Review and How to Use With Tips, How to Remove dandruff Permanently,

Total Subscribers on Super Style Tips3.77 Million+
Total Videos1.1K
Total Views670 Million+

4- Perkymegs Hindi

Megna Bahuguna is the person who is behind this channel. Meghna is running Youtube channels in Hindi and English both. Megna Bahuguna Started this fashion YouTube channel in December 2017 and she shares videos of different aspects of fashion, style, makeup, grooming, etc. Perkymegs Hindi is one of the best fashion channels on YouTube for females. She shares a lot of amazing and in-depth videos which are very helpful for grooming and fashion.

Perkymegs Hindi channel
Perkymegs Hindi

If you are searching some fashion YouTube Channels on YouTube where you can watch videos on fashion regarding almost all related topics, you should explore this channel. She uploads and talks about various topics like Fashion Under Budget, Pregnancy Series, Inside My Wardrobe, Indian Fashion Basics, Jewelry, Skincare, etc.

Some popular videos of Perkymegs Hindi are Fashion Tips For Short Girls, How to Use Old Sarees To Create New Outfits, 7 Ways to Wear a Scarf in Hindi, Indian Wardrobe Essentials, Kaise Earrings Kaise Indian Kapdo Ke Sath Pahne.

Total Subscribers on Perkymegs Hindi1.44 Million
Total Videos498
Total Views196 Million

5- Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer. She is from Gurgaon, Haryana. Sejal Kumar started her YouTube journey in February 2014 and she is doing amazing on YouTube and other social media platforms. Sejal Kumar has an interest in fashion, singing, music, acting, etc. She has received many rewards and recognition also. Some achievements are Instagrammer of the Year For Fashion 2019, Best LifeStyle Blogger in Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2019, and Fashion Account of The Year 2018 Award By Instagram.

Sejal Kumar Fashion Channels on YouTube
Sejal Kumar

If I talk About Sejal Kumar’s YouTube channel, is one of the best fashion Channels on YouTube where you can watch videos on different topics including Indian Outfits, Haircare, and HairStyles, Skincare, Makeup, fashion Basics, Seajal’s Bestestest fashion, Travel, and other videos. Some most popular videos of Sejal Kumar are College in Real Life Ft Komal Pandey, Get Your Answer From A Gynecologist, and Fashion Influencer in Real Life.

Total Subscribers on Sejal Kumar1.41 Million+
Total Videos816
Total Views283 Million+

6- Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey is one of the most popular fashion content creators, bloggers, and YouTubers in India. She is from Delhi and started her YouTube channel in August 2017. She has more than a million subscribers on her YouTube channels and followers on Instagram. She mostly posts videos on topics related to fashion, beauty, self-grooming, etc.

Komal Pandey Fashion Channels on YouTube
Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey has shared many good videos on different fashion styles, and outfits that you may like. Some videos of Komal Pandey have more than 2 million views. Some of them are How to Look Sexy Without wearing Short Clothes, How Every Girl Should Wear A Saree, How I Lost Weight, and Things Girls Should Do When They Have Nothing To Wear. I must say, this is one of the best fashion channels on YouTube for females.

Total Subscribers on Komal Pandey1.28 Million+
Total Videos141
Total Views205 Million

7- Be Ghent

Be Ghent is a fashion YouTube channel for Indian men’s fashion and lifestyle. The mission statement of Be Ghent is ” Everyone is perfect. It’s all about knowing your strength and weakness”. If you are a male, this channel may be very useful to know various tips and knowledge of fashion and styles. As of now, there are 1.09 million subscribers on Be Ghent and more than 73 million views. Some playlists of Be Ghent are Fashion Challenges, Fashion Post Mortem Episode Series, and Tips and Tricks For Indian Skinny Boys.

Be Ghent Fashion Channels on YouTube
Be Ghent

You can watch videos on various topics on Be Ghent like How to Talk With Your Crush, How to Look Good In College, Dark Skin Indian Men Kaun Se Color Pahne, and Ultimate Shoes Guide For Indian Men. You can watch so many tips and tricks on this fashion channel. “5 Fashion Hacks Every Indian Man Should Know” is one of the most popular videos of Be Ghent. Be Ghent is one of the best fashion channels on YouTube to follow.

Total Subscribers on Be Ghent1.09 Million
Total Videos384
Total Views73 Million+

8- SimpleTips Anwesha

SimpleTips Anwesha is started by Anwesha in November 2015. She has done her Ph.D. degree from JNU and also has done certification in Sports Science Nutrition (ISSA). She shares a mix of content on this channel. Anvesha uploads videos of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, and lifestyle. She has 1.06 million subscribers on the SimpleTips Anwesha channel.

SimpleTips Anwesha Youtube channel
SimpleTips Anwesha

Some popular and most viewed videos of SimpleTips Anwesha are Easy Excercise For Arms For Beginners, How I Cleared My Skin From Acne and Dark Spots, and Zumba Dance Workouts For Beginners. If you want fashion and fitness content in one place, you can try the SimpleTips Anwesha YouTube channel. This is one of the popular fashion channels on YouTube and is also loaded with fitness content.

Total Subscribers on SimpleTips Anwesha1.06 Million+
Total Videos1K
Total Views132 Million+

9- The Fashion Verge

This YouTube channel is started by Bugatha V Sai Ganesh who is also popular as The fashion Verge Ganesh. Ganesh started The Fashion Verge YouTube channel in 2015 and struggled a lot but later become a become a successful YouTube. Basically, He was born and brought up in Vishakhapatnam and lives in Hyderabad. Ganesh is one of the most popular and successful fashion bloggers and YouTubers.

The Fashion Verge Youtube channel
The Fashion Verge

Ganesh uploads videos on The Fashion Verge related to fashion tips, lifestyle hacks, grooming, and on various other topics. This is one of the best fashion channels on YouTube for Telugu boys. Some popular videos of The Fashion Verge on YouTube are Natural Home Remedies For Glowing Skin For Men, I Got My Own Car At Age 23, and Top 5 Best Photoshoot Poses For Men.

Total Subscribers on The Fashion Verge1.08 Million+
Total Videos976
Total Views259 Million+

10- Prerna Chhabra

Prerna Chhabra is a passionate fashion blogger and Youtuber. Her highest education qualification is a Master of Fashion Technology. She was born on 15 August 1990. Prerna Chhabra uploads videos on her channel on several topics related to fashion, and style. Prerna Chhabra’s YouTube channel has 738K subscribers and more than 115 million views.

Prerna Chhhabra channel
Prerna Chhhabra

Some most viewed videos of Prerna Chhabra are Look Stylish and Cool in Kurtis – 9 Kurtis With Jeans Outfits, Jeans Outfits For Every Bodytype – Casual Look For College or Weekends, 15 Wedding Essentials and Tips, How to Wear Normal Sarees As a Dhoti Sarees. Prerna Chhabra is one of the popular fashion channels on YouTube where you can learn a lot of things.

Total Subscribers on Prerna Chhabra738K
Total Videos295
Total Views115 Million+

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