10 Popular Makeup & Beauty channels on YouTube in India

Beauty channels on YouTube
Beauty channels Beauty channels on YouTube in India

In This Article, I am talking about some best and most popular makeup and beauty channels on YouTube. And these channels are loaded with so much video content which may be very helpful to learn and improve your understanding of makeup and beauty. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding or going to a birthday party or getting ready for any other occasion, makeup plays an important role, especially for females.

There are several makeup and beauty channels on YouTube that create video content on several topics of beauty, makeup, skincare, hairstyle, makeover, and beauty products – existing and new launches and they cover many more topics that can add some value.

I have shortlisted 10 beauty channels on YouTube to explain here. And these channels have good popularity and a huge fan following as well. If you want to know about some makeup and beauty tips or want to explore expertise in it, videos on these channels may be useful options for you. So let’s start knowing about these makeup and beauty channels on YouTube in detail.

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1- Rabia Skin & Health Care

Rabia Skin & Health Care channel is owned by Rabia and she started this beauty channel in February 2017. She shares natural and home remedies for skin-related issues like skin whitening, lightening, brightening, acne, scars, spots, whiteheads, etc. Rabia uploads videos on several topics of skincare, beauty tips, hair care, and product reviews. Rabia Skin & Health Care is one of the most popular beauty channels on YouTube in India where you can find so much content on makeup and beauty. There are 4.3 million subscribers to Rabia Skin & Health Care.

Rabia Skin & Health Care YouTube channel
Rabia Skin & Health Care

If you believe in home remedies and want to explore some videos about them, you can explore Rabia Skin & Health Care YouTube channel. Some popular videos of Rabia Skin & Health Care are Simple Full Body Whitening Formula Easy & 100% Effective, Ayurvedic Nushka to Stop Hair Fall Immediately and Grow New Hair, How to Do Facial Clean Up At Home Step By Step For Spotless, How to Clean and Whiten Your feet. If you will search for some makeup or beauty channels on YouTube, you may see this channel in the list.

Total Subscribers on Rabia Skin & Health Care4.3 Million+
Total Videos532 videos
Total Views465 Million+

2- Rinkal Parekh

Rinkal Parekh is one of the popular YouTubers and influencers in the field of makeup and beauty. With the number of total subscribers on the channel, you can have an idea of how popular she is. She has uploaded around 499 videos on Rinkal Parekh YouTube channel and she has 3.7 million subscribers. Rinkal Parekh was born on 1st February 1990 in Gujarat. Rinkal Parekh uploads videos on the topics of skincare, makeup, and cosmetics, and shares many tips and ideas related to beauty and makeup.

Rinkal Parekh Beauty channels on YouTube
Rinkal Parekh

This is one of the best makeup and beauty channels on YouTube. Some most viewed videos of Rinkal Parekh are How to Do Aloe Vera Facial For Clear Glowing And Spotless Skin, How to Do Makeup Step By Step For Beginners, How to Cut Your Own Hair At Home, Wedding Skin Glowing Tips You Must Try At Home.

Total Subscribers on Rinkal Parekh3.79 Million+
Total Videos499
Total Views505 Million+

3- Smitha Deepak

Smitha Deepak was born on 7th December 1978 in Bengaluru. Smitha Deepak is an Indian-American YouTuber and social media influencer. Smitha Deepak started her channel in 2009 and started making videos on beauty and makeup. After some time, she took it as a full-time passion and uploaded a lot of content and tutorials on her channel. If I talk about her education, she is an MBA graduate. Subscribers and views on the Smitha Deepak YouTube channel are also very high. Currently, 3.21 million subscribers and more than 601 million subscribers are there on the channel.

Smitha Deepak YouTube channel
Smitha Deepak

She has shared a lot of videos and tutorials for eye makeup and face makeup. Smitha Deepak is one of the most popular beauty channels on YouTube for ladies. Some most viewed videos of Smitha Deepak are Easiest Sparkly Monotone Cut Crease Ever Created, Why This Technique on Hooded Eyes Is Better Than Winged Eyeliner, and How to Remove Facial Hair.

Total Subscribers on Smitha Deepak3.21 Million+
Total Videos760
Total Views601Million+

4- IndianGirl Trisha

Trisha is a beauty blogger and YouTuber. She is from Kolkata. IndianGirl Trisha YouTube channel was started in February 2016. Content on this channel is mostly related to beauty and lifestyle. Trisha polish on her Youtube channel on the topics like hair care, skin care, weight loss, DIY, makeup, home remedies, etc. The total subscribers on IndianGirl Trisha are 2.48 million and views are more than 355 million.

IndianGirl Trisha channel
IndianGirl Trisha

Some popular videos of IndianGirl Trisha are Skin Whitening Home Remedy 100% Effective/Remove Tan, Lighten Dark Knees and Elbows Quick And Naturally at Home, and How to Make Kajal or Gel Liner At Home Smugfree. There are many other videos also that have good views on YouTube. IndianGirl Trisha is one of the most popular beauty channels on YouTube that you explore to know about beauty and makeup.

Total Subscribers on IndianGirl Trisha2.48 Million+
Total Videos658
Total Videos355 Million+

5- SimplyMyStyle Unni

Unnimaya is the person who runs the SimplyMyStyle Unni YouTube channel. She is from Kottayam, Kerala. Unnimaya is a Youtuber and social media influencer who has an interest in the field of beauty and makeup. She creates videos on different beauty and makeup-related topics like hairstyles, jewelry collection, hair growth, nail care, eye care, makeup style, product reviews, etc. Currently, there are 1.7 million subscribers and more than 301 million views on the SimplyMyStyle Unni channel.

SimplyMyStyle Unni channel
SimplyMyStyle Unni

SimplyMyStyle Unni was started in September 2017 and more than 900 videos are uploaded on it. If you want to know about some beauty and make tips, you may explore SimplyMyStyle Unni. Some popular videos SimplyMyStyle Unni are How to Get Smooth Soft Hair At Home, Girls Personal Hygiene Hacks, How to Remove Pimples, and Dark Spot Naturally. This is among those beauty channels on YouTube which have more than 1 million followers.

Total Subscribers on SimplyMyStyle Unni1.78 million+
Total Videos945
Total Views301 million+

6- SuperWowStyle

SuperWowStyle YouTube channel run by Prachi Agrawal. She is from Banglore, Karnataka. Prachi is running multiple channels including SuperWowStyle. Mostly she shares beauty and makeup-related topics on this channel and she shares tips and informational videos. Some videos of it are very popular and have more than 10 million views. SuperWowStyle is one of the most popular YouTube channels which has 1.72 million subscribers.

SuperWowStyle YouTube channel

Videos on the topic of whitening teeth at home, weight loss, hair spa at home, removal of pimples and acne, and many other topics are there on SuperWowStyle. Some most viewed videos of SuperWowStyle on YouTube are How to Grow Hair Fast (Indian Hair Growth Secrets), How to Grow Nails Faster Naturally, and How to remove Blackheads Frome Nose & Face.

Total Subscribers on SuperWowStyle1.72 Million+
Total Videos1.9K
Total Views295 Million+

7- Miss McBlush

This YouTube channel is owned by Muskan Chanchlani. She is from Thane, Maharashtra. Probably, you know the name of one of the most famous YouTubers Ashish Chanchlani. He is the elder brother of Muskan Chanchlani. She usually publishes makeup, cosmetics, and beauty-related content on the Miss McBlush YouTube channel. Miss McBlush was started in March 2017 and as of now in March 2023, 1.64 million subscribers are there on Miss McBlush.

Miss McBlush YouTube channel
Miss McBlush

If you are looking for some beauty channels on YouTube, You can add the Miss McBlush channel to your list to explore. Some of the most popular videos of Miss McBlush are When You Have Too Many Brothers, All The Men in My Life Guess makeup Prices, and Everything You Need to Know About Body Hair Removal.

Total Subscribers on Miss McBlush1.64 Million+
Total Videos203
Total Views147 Million+

8- Kaur Tips

The Kaur Tips YouTube channel is started by Sukhpreet Kaur in September 2017. Sukhpreet created the Kaur Tips channel to share easy tips and tricks about makeup DIY and home remedies. She is married and the mother of two kids. Daily makeup, bridal makeup, skincare, haircare, and other grooming-related content are available on this channel. Currently, 1.27 million subscribers and more than 188 million views are there on the Kaur Tips YouTube channel.

Kaur Tips Beauty channels on YouTube
Kaur Tips

Some popular and most-viewed videos of Kaur Tips are Beginners Makeup Aise Kare – Step By Step Makeup Tutorial, Step By Step Makeup Tutorials For Beginners & Hacks, How to Apply Concealer On dark circle With Figures. You can also go through the playlists of the channel to explore better. This is one of the popular beauty channels on YouTube, especially for beginners.

Total Subscribers on Kaur Tips1.27 Million+
Total Videos1.2K
Total Views188 Million+

9- Nykaa

Nykaa YouTube channel is one stop destination for videos on the latest trends of makeup, skincare routines, expert masterclasses, and makeup tips. Nykaa is one of the most dedicated beauty and makeup channels on YouTube where you can get so many tips, tricks, and knowledge in this field. Nykaa channel began in March 2014 and as of now in March 2023, 1.35 million subscribers are on there.

Nykaa Beauty channels on YouTube

Some popular videos of Nykaa on YouTube are GRWM: Get Ready With Janhvi Kapoor, Top Must Have Nail Enamel Shades Ft Corallista and Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorials. You can find much more useful content on Nykaa and explore the expertise of beauty and makeup.

Total Subscribers on Nykaa1.35 Million+
Total Videos1.2K
Total Views373 Million+

10- Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain is a YouTuber and fashion influencer who is from Delhi, India. She started her YouTube journey in 2010. She is an MBA graduate and she loves the fashion and the beauty field. Apart from YouTube, Shreya Jain has a good fan following on Instagram too. On this YouTube channel, she has 753K subscribers.

Shreya Jain Beauty channels on YouTube
Shreya Jain

Mostly Shreya Jain uploads videos of fashion, makeup, and beauty on her channel. She has uploaded more than a thousand videos on different related topics. Some popular videos of Shreya Jain are 3 Ways To Use Aleovera get To Get Soft and Smooth hair, Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation – Review and demo, and Heatless and Easy Hairstyles For Frizzy or Wavy Hair. Shreya Jain is one of the popular makeup and beauty channels on YouTube.

Total Subscribers on Shreya Jain753K
Total Videos1.6K
Total Views169 Million+

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